Marble Leaf Platter

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Marble Brass Leaf Platter – White
A leaf shaped marble tray with brass strips inlay adores your space with luxury. This decorative piece is handmade and brass inlay work is done by our local artisans. It is a multipurpose product which can be used as a decorative tray or a kitchen platter or serving board that adds luxury to your beautiful homes.

Customer Remarks

Note:- Being natural marble: Marble base is subject to be not exactly identical in texture, proportion, weight & thickness as shown (or mentioned) in the picture. This variation is the property of the natural marble and may reflect in all marble products.
Being handcrafted:
1. Antique finishing of brass & colour of hinges and hardware may have slight variations in its tone. This variation is subject to all products.
2. While sticking two hard materials (marble & brass) thin gaping could be seen. (not necessary)


Dimensions - 11″ x 9″ x 0.5″
Materials - Marble
Color - Black

Care instructions

~ To clean, use a soft and damp cloth; Rub gently.
~ Avoid using abrasive sponges.
~ Do not use acidic cleaners.

· Clean only with Soft sponge, water and natural soap.
· Do not put in dishwasher.
· Use Damp cloth. Wipe it gently to clean

Additional Details

  • Manufactured By: Marbleous
  • Address: Jaipur
  • Marketed By: Marbleous
  • Customer Care: For any Feedback/Complaints+91-8209282983 or write to above address or email on:
  • Country Of Origin: India