About us


Welcome to TheMarbleous, where beauty meets marble handicrafts. We believe in transforming nature's finest marble into timeless pieces of art that enhance the decor of home and space. Our passion for perfection and dedication to quality drives us to offer the finest luxury marble home decor items that stand the test of time. Thus, to fulfill this desire of providing a touch of crown and grandeur, royalty and timelessness to every part and corner of your residence, we bring to you 'Marble'. Our most reliably sourced marble products, specially selected for their rare beauty and uniqueness, will surely delight every connoisseur. 'Marbleous' is a humble effort to bring to you a range of affordable and luxury items, carved from marble with brass, wood and resin inlays. This contrasting layout of marble with different inlays adds subtle luxury to everything around and hence is a perfect addition to your surroundings, be it home, office or hotel.


We create marble handicraft products that are quintessential and unique depictions of art that will add a beautiful look to your home or space. Our designs and artworks offer a modern and vintage collection of creative ideas that are designed and handmade in India. Hundreds of workers are working with us to build a leading brand name in the mainstream and hence, aim to provide unprecedented customer service at your doorstep. We believe in creating valuable crafting with affection and perfection for each product. All materials are procured from India and each design is made with inlay motifs that are hand inlaid with lacquer to retain the shine of the marble. Therefore, by incorporating these arrangements we respect the efforts of each artisan who crafts every outcome with hard work and dedication to bring out the true essence of our organization.

Ayushi Sharma

Founder & Designer

I love to blend old with new, traditional with modern, while always keeping fashion, lifestyle and lavishness as the top priorities. It is a joy to help people enhance their version of beautiful, useful spaces with touch of exclusivity.” Ayushi is a post-graduate of Pune University and has worked at the Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd. as a Software Engineer. She has travelled most of the States in India, Australia, New Zealand, Africa, & Thailand. In December 2019, she has come to an idea of bringing Indian wonder touch “The Taj Mahal” marble in essence of decor products into the homes. She started the brand “Marbleous” with her husband Shashank, who is a co-founder of Marbleous, to cater the marble lifestyle products with the uniqueness of blending marble with other materials. She favors elegant yet modern design which is quintessential, alluring and marvellous feat.

Shashank Sharma


Shashank enjoys using his International Business & Entrepreneurship Degree at Essex University in a variety of ways. Since 2011, he has co-founded multiple businesses in different sectors such as FMCG, Packaging Industry, etc. He excels in his leadership & decision making skills and helps the subordinates managing all the tasks timely. Shashank describes himself as a sport lover. He loves to spend his weekends in playing cricket with friends and socialising with new people. He loves to cook new cuisines & delights his family as a splendid personality.