Marble Brass Napkin Rings (Set of 2) – Bird

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Marble Brass Bird Napkin Rings add an elegant touch to your table settings that will elevate your tableware. When it comes to impress our guests with a perfect and formal dinner these rings fit at its best!
The white marble bird is handcrafted perfectly by given an extraordinarily shape with hands by our artisans. The extreme precision of the bird shape and polishing is a tedious handwork which requires extra care while shaping its wings and beak.

Customer Remarks

Note:- Being natural marble: Marble base is subject to be not exactly identical in texture, proportion, weight & thickness as shown (or mentioned) in the picture. This variation is the property of the natural marble and may reflect in all marble products.
Being handcrafted:
1. Antique finishing of brass & colour of hinges and hardware may have slight variations in its tone. This variation is subject to all products.
2. While sticking two hard materials (marble & brass) thin gaping could be seen. (not necessary)
3. Brass area will be tarnished over a period time (with or without the usage).