Hosting the Perfect High Tea At Home!!

There is something so classy and chic about afternoon tea parties. You can go all out and show your creativity to leave a lasting impression. Elegant, cosy and intimate, a high tea at home should make guests feel supremely comfortable and relaxed.

Here are some interesting ideas to make yours a memorable one:

  1. Dressing your Table
    Your dining table or the coffee table is the center of attraction so decorate it in a way that reflects your personality or the theme of your party. Also keep in mind that there is enough room to breath so your guests have an easy access everything on the table.
    Pick your Table linen or if you want to keep it more casual, you can skip the Table cloth and use cocktail napkins and placemats.
  2. Choosing the right Tableware kit
    Selecting the right tableware will be the difference between a run of the mill party and a stylish, well thought tea party.
    Colour coordinate your high tea essentials such as cutlery, crockery, Tea pot, cake stand etc. We personally love the combination of white and gold; it never fails and go well with any table setting.
  3. Flower Arrangements
    Flowers are a great visual display for your afternoon tea table and can bring the theme to life. Depending on the season, colour and texture of your table cloth, napkins and table ware, select the most appropriate bouquet.
    An important consideration when picking when flowers is to be careful when choosing strongly scented flowers around a food table. Flowers like lilies can overpower the fragrance of food.
  4. Selecting the food
    Traditionally, classic High Tea or afternoon parties includes three courses with options like cheese, sandwiches, scones with jam, pastries, cake and finger food. Depending on your theme and preferences of the guests, you can go with an English menu or mix and match with local delicacies. Our personal favourites are a nice fluffy sponge cake that goes well with a variety of Tea.
  5. Practical Accessories
    If you are planning a formal gathering with lots of people, it is always a great idea to use Card Holders for placing known people together. You can also use card holders in a bigger setting to label the dishes or guests names. Other chic accessory could be Napkin rings that adds a lot of oomph to your table setting and immediately adds royalty to the party.
  6. Whatever the theme and setting you decide, investing in chic tableware and décor is always a good idea. If you want to play safe and not have a huge storage, go for neutral hues and classic material such as marble that is never out of fashion and is maintenance free.